Seasonal camping – Rental rules

Bomstadbadens rental rules seasonal camping


General order and rental rules regarding seasonal parking of caravans/caravans/motorhomes at Swecamp Bomstadbaden updated for 2020. Payment of the deposit / seasonal fee means that you as a guest accept the following rules with the attached information in the letter and that it also applies as a seasonal agreement between Bomstadbaden Camping AB and the seasonal guest. The contract ends without notice at the end of the season. Once the zoning plan has entered into force, the rules of the zoning plan will apply.

All guests must have the Camping Key Europe.

Bomstadbaden is a family place, so peace and quiet should prevail between 23.00 and 06.30. This means that loud events are not allowed after 23.00. Some exceptions may be made on Midsummer’s Eve, and on entertainment nights when there is a 24:00 silence. Always show consideration for other guests. The instructions of the guard on duty or the campsite management always apply.

The main entrance is closed between 23.00 and 06.30. During this time, car traffic is not allowed in the area, parking is done in the parking lot at the entrance. Access during other times to the campsite is only possible for checked-in guests with a toll card. If an extra car enters repeatedly without having purchased an extra toll pass, a charge of SEK 500 will be made. The name of the site must be clearly visible from the outside in one of the windows of the caravan and the toll card must be clearly visible in the windshield of your car.

The maintenance of the plot in terms of tidiness, mowing of the plot, etc. is the responsibility of the tenant. Common grass areas directly adjacent to the seasonal plots that are only used by seasonal guests are included in this. Lawnmowers are provided by Bomstadbaden and can be borrowed through the reception. It is the tenant’s responsibility to transport grass and scrub waste from their own property to the designated locations. Upon termination of the site, the site must be left in a clean and tidy condition. If the site is left empty during the rental period, the campsite host must be notified and a new arrival date must be given.

The rented plot is rented as “raw land ” and is rented as is. Gravel, sand or similar is not included but can be purchased separately. The plot may only be used for parking your own car, caravan/camper (some places with a caravan). Bomstadbaden follows official decisions and recommendations regarding the campsite. All construction on the site is the responsibility of the seasonal guest. For fees and fines imposed by the authorities on Bomstadbaden due to seasonal guest construction or other measures on the plot rented by the seasonal guest, the seasonal guest for the plot shall pay the corresponding compensation to Bomstadbaden. Any order from the authorities to move the caravan/camper/van, demolish or remove the seasonal guest’s building must be carried out immediately and paid for by the seasonal guest. Subletting is forbidden and it is not allowed to register at the campsite without permission. In general, other than a trailer, awning and car, no other construction and/or earthworks may be carried out on the site. The exception for construction is a patio may be built in front of the carriage, in case of new/additional construction of this should be consulted with us beforehand.

All accommodation units shall be definable as camping, i.e. temporary accommodation, and shall be able to be “checked out”/relocated at short notice.

In general, all structures should be easily removable and have a neat and tidy appearance, no tents/structures should be higher or wider than the trailer. No temporary solutions such as pallets or similar are allowed. Nor may buildings be built closer to the plot boundary than 2 m. If you are unsure of the boundaries of your plot or have any other questions, please contact the reception.

Bomstadbaden Camping AB is always obliged to comply with government decisions and recommendations regarding the facility. For all construction on the campsite, the seasonal guest is fully responsible for ensuring that the construction complies with the regulations of the relevant authorities. Regardless of whether Bomstadbaden Camping AB has given its approval to the construction desired and carried out by the seasonal guest on the camping site, the following applies:

If the recommendations, orders or decisions of the authorities involve moving a seasonal guest’s caravan, motorhome or mobile home or removing, demolishing or altering a building that has been erected, the seasonal guest is obliged to carry out the measures decided by the authorities immediately and at his own expense. If the seasonal guest does not implement the authority’s orders or decisions within the prescribed time, the seasonal guest agrees that Bomstadbaden has the right to take the measures on the plot rented by the seasonal guest as prescribed by the authority. Such measures taken by Bomstadbaden are at the expense of the seasonal guest. The same applies in cases where the seasonal guest has not paid the seasonal fee. The seasonal guest is also obliged to immediately pay Bomstadbaden Camping AB any fees or penalties imposed by the authorities on Bomstadbaden Camping AB due to the seasonal guest’s construction on the campsite.

The seasonal guest is not entitled to any financial compensation from Bomstadbaden Camping AB for the relocation of parked caravans, motorhomes, caravans or in the event that existing buildings on the camping site are demolished, changed or otherwise removed.

When selling the housing unit on an existing plot, the new owner must be approved by us before the purchase is made, but we always reserve priority on the plot. When selling an existing plot and exchanging a plot within the area, the seller must pay Bomstadbaden AB a transfer / relocation fee as below:

Category 1: SEK 16 000, category 2: SEK 12 000, category 3: SEK 10 000, category 4: SEK 8 000.

On plots with water and sewage, the tenant is responsible for on/off installation.

The seasonal guest is responsible for all safety in the caravan and on the rented site. This involves checking the LPG system and fire extinguishers at least every two years; LPG test certificates must be presented on request. Certificate of valid LPG test must be presented at check-in for the season, you who do not use LPG instead sign a “free letter” that LPG is not used on the campsite.

According to the fire protection regulation we are subject to, the distance between two camping units must be at least four meters. The easiest way to achieve this is for the wagon incl. awnings are placed 2 meters from the boundary of the plot in all directions. It is your own responsibility as a camper to ensure that the distances to your neighbors are correct and that fire extinguishers and fire/gas alarms are in the caravan.

Requirements for equipment etc. for electricity use on a campsite are set by the Electrical Safety Authority. Legislation makes demands on us as facility owners and on you as a guest. It is always the guest’s responsibility to ensure that electrical equipment is in safe condition, equipment is CE marked and all cables are intact. In order to use the electrical outlets at Bomstadbaden, you must have approved equipment, which means among other things the cable between pole and caravan shall have a cable area of at least 2,5 mm2. It is also not allowed to have junction boxes between the electric pole and the caravan.

Own cars/mopeds may only be used for entry and exit to their own plot. The maximum permitted vehicle speed in the area is 20 km/h. Driving under the influence of alcohol is absolutely forbidden, this can lead to immediate termination of the site. Do not drive on lawns during the non-summer season, also avoid driving on wet lawns during the summer season.

Felling of bushes, branches and trees is not allowed without our permission.

Dogs must be kept on a leash in the area and must not be barking or otherwise disruptive. Dog bathing is only allowed in a designated area on the eastern headland.

Underground containers are for household waste only. No rubbish can be placed next to the containers, if the containers are full please contact the reception. Food waste, metal, plastic and glass must be separated at source. Containers for these are available at our garbage stations and separate food waste bags are provided by us. Other waste such as, but not exclusively, refrigerators, plastic furniture, scrap iron, batteries, etc. must be transported to the municipality’s recycling centers.

Summer season means the period 30/4 – 30/9. If payment is made after the due date, a reminder fee of SEK 90 will be charged as well as penalty interest of 12%/year. Unpaid deposit according to the due date (if no other arrangement has been made), is interpreted as that the place is terminated and Bomstadbaden Camping AB can rent the plot to another guest. The deposit paid, 2000 SEK, is not refundable in case of cancellation of the place. Electricity is not included in the rent and is invoiced at 2.50 kr/kwh. The current is generally read on 30/4 for the winter season and 30/9 for the summer season. It is the responsibility of each seasonal guest to be responsible for their electrical box and to keep a log of their own consumption. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately to management. There are no refunds for departing earlier than booked/reserved. If the site is left empty, the campsite host must be informed.

Bomstadbaden Camping AB disclaims all liability for theft, as well as damage to guests and their property and reserves the right, at the guest’s expense and without deduction of paid rent, to immediately evict a guest who does not comply with the above rules and the instructions of Bomstadbaden management or staff. Additional costs for accidents in the camping area may be incurred. be covered by Camping Key Europe’s insurance through the premium card.

Approval of the regulatory framework

Please note that we update the rules as we go along and that what is presented on our website,, and bulletin board is always the one that applies.

When the tenant pays his/her invoice in full or in part for the coming season, he/she also confirms that he/she accepts the current regulations and undertakes to comply with them. The seasonal guest undertakes to update himself regularly on the website.

With the above rules, we hope to have a campsite where order is maintained and everyone is happy.

Please note that the zoning plan may enter into force in 2020 and from that date this regulation will be adjusted to follow the design of the zoning plan. We will send out new documents and the latest regulations will always apply.

Bomstadbaden Camping AB

When paying from abroad

For everyone’s well-being, the following rules of conduct apply when staying at Swecamp Bomstadbaden:


Be considerate of other guests, between 23.00 and 07.00 the campsite must be quiet. Keep in mind that many people want to rest for the next day. Noise or other loud noise from stereo etc. as well as noise, damage etc. will result in immediate eviction and no refund for the remaining time at Bomstadbaden. The guard on duty can always be reached through the intercom at reception.


The main entrance is closed between 23.00 and 06.00, when car traffic is prohibited in the area.


No caravan may be placed without contacting the reception, (if the reception is not open, other instructions may be given), Respect the 4m distance between the units when placed on the plot.


Speed limits apply within the area and are limited to 20 km. Driving under the influence of alcohol is absolutely forbidden. Moped riding is only allowed to and from the checked-in unit.


Bomstadbaden disclaims all responsibility for theft and damage to guests and their property that is beyond our control.
The guest may not use the cottage/campsite for anything other than what has been agreed (usually recreational purposes). The guest may not allow more people to stay in the cottage/campsite than stated at the time of booking.
The guest undertakes to take good care of the cottage/campsite and to follow the rules and instructions in force. The guest is responsible for any damage caused to the cottage/campsite and its furnishings by the negligence of any member of the party.


The cottage/campsite must be cleaned before departure. If the cottage is not cleaned, it will be cleaned at your expense and invoiced later. Cleaning does not include washing up and rubbish, i.e. you throw away your rubbish and wash up after yourself. If you do not do this, you will be charged 1000:-/1500:- depending on the type of cottage you have booked.
Violation of the smoking ban in the cottage will result in a cleanup cost for you as a tenant of 1500 sek.
Buying cleaning costs 400/600 SEK (excluding garbage and dishes).


Please contact us directly with any complaints. Keep in mind that your chances of getting redress may be reduced if you delay complaining.


  • You or someone else in your party is disruptive in the area.
  • You or someone else in your party commits vandalism in the cottage/room or on the grounds.
  • If the cottage/room/campsite is not used for its intended purpose.

If the contract is terminated for the above reasons, you and your party must move out immediately and there will be no refund of the remaining rental amount. In the case of camping, the full rental period must be paid and you will also be liable for any refunds to affected guests.

Contact details for Bomstadbaden AB

Phone: +46(0)54-53 50 68

Upon payment

Bank transfer809-0094
106 40 Stockholm

When paying from abroad

IBAN: SE40 5000 0000 0510 8104 0343
Account no: 5108 10 403 43
Bank: SEB
  106 40 Stockholm

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