Summer is the most magical time of the year, and it’s hard not to get excited between June and August. Nature is in full bloom, and spontaneous summer dips in cool waters make the days go by all too quickly.

During our high season, Bomstadbaden is filled with summer guests who want to make the most of their vacation. In and around our resort there is room for adventure as well as relaxing days on the beach which is right next to the resort.

The sandy beach is shallow with a fine sandy bottom, allowing children to play freely on the hottest days of the summer.

The full potential of the site is at your disposal during the high summer. Our restaurant serves food every day, the grocery store is open and you can easily get to and from Bomstadbaden by public transport.

High summer at Bomstadbaden

  • Access to a shallow sandy beach
  • Full range of activities on site
  • Plenty of activities in the local area
  • Restaurant, entertainment and grocery store
  • Public transport to and from the site

Summer activities

Here at Bomstadbaden there are activities suitable for all ages. Between June and August the range is particularly large.

Many of the activities can be found directly on the site, while some of them are in our local area.



The resort offers a variety of activities for young and old. From beach volleyball to adventure golf, fishing trips and a quiet moment in the relaxation area. From summer 2021 we also have padel courts.



Meet Swen the moose, do arts and crafts, have a 5-way fight or just join us and have a lot of fun on your vacation.

mitticity_oc_20buss_eri_martensson (not original photo)


The resort offers a variety of activities for young and old. From beach volleyball to adventure golf, fishing trips and a quiet moment in the relaxation area. From summer 2021 we also have padel courts.



Have a family dinner on our nice outdoor terrace with the family, an ice cream at the beach kiosk or why not buy some coffee or simple food in our shop. At Bomstadbaden there are many opportunities

Housing for all



We offer a range of different types of cottages. They range from small red-washed cottages to larger 54-square-meter cottages with private balconies. You live as comfortably as in your own summer house.

From SEK 595


We have both bookable camping pitches for tents but also a specific tent area where you can come as a drop-in guest.

From SEK 195


Why not choose one of our popular campervan sites with fantastic views of Lake Vänern. Or if you prefer more privacy and peace and quiet, we have areas for that too.

From SEK 285


Choose from many different types of plots based on your preferences. We have everything from scenic plots to plots overlooking Lake Vänern.

From SEK 285

Area map

You can always contact us and tell us what you are looking for in a stay with us. A tent site on the beach, a cabin with a terrace in the evening sun, a seasonal site, a site close to friends or whatever. We help you find the right one.

You can download and print the map as a PDF here.



When the winter chill penetrates the walls and ceilings, there’s nothing better than soaking in a jacuzzi. Our relaxation center in Karlstad is open all seasons.



Our site is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, which is ideal for cozy walks in the autumn sun. You can also easily go on…



Lördagen den 2a December är ni varmt välkomna ut till oss på Bomstadbaden Camping för massa härliga julaktiviteter 🎄🎅🏽 Loppis, godisregn, lotteri, tomtebrevsverkstad, tipspromenad, träffa tomten, fika, dans kring granen, korvgrillning mm… Ja vad mer kan man önska sig en dag i December 🎅🏽

What are my obligations?

During your stay at the campsite, the attached regulations apply.

Failure to comply with the regulations governing the site, or any other breach of the contract, may result in the termination of the contract with immediate effect. If the contract is terminated, the amount due is calculated on the basis of the current daily rate applied during the time you have had access to the site and a deduction for estimated damage. Any difference will be refunded.

Are you open for business?

You can buy for 24 hours if there are more than 7 days left until arrival.

Is cleaning included in the price?

The cottage/campsite must be cleaned before departure. The price does not include cleaning, but you can buy our cleaning service, it costs 590:- for Linden, Eken, Aspen, Granen & Skogsgläntan 1, 790:- for Tallen and Villavagn and Skogsgläntan 2 and 990:- for Strandstugorna (excluding garbage and dishes).

What happens if I want to change or cancel?

There are slightly different rules depending on how you have booked your accommodation. You can read more about our change and cancellation policy here.

When does my booking become binding?

The booking becomes binding when you receive a confirmation of your booking from us. It can be done in different ways, in writing, by email or through an online booking system.

This is the best campsite that we have been to, clean and nice super nice staff, very lush and nice, the campsite is wrapped in a very nice and very old pine forest.
Björn Pettersson
Nice campsite. Perfect to come to after the high season.
Håkan Lundh
Really good arrangement with cabins etc this time of year in March. Quiet during the day and evenings/nights. A bit remote so no traffic noise or such The relaxation was a big plus! Highly recommend
The environment, fresh and well-organized, wonderful treatment of the staff!!!

Best time at Bomstadbaden

We have great pride in our beach, we call ourselves the Värmland Riviera for a reason. Therefore, we dare to say that one of the best times of the year with us is in the middle of summer. When the sun is shining and there are lots of activities going on, we are at our best.

There are plenty of activities throughout the year, but of course the summer stands out. Play beach volleyball, eat lots of ice cream, bake in the sun, enjoy each other’s company. Absolutely perfect on our beautiful beach. The Värmland Riviera performs, every summer!