Take the hassle out of bringing your barbecue on holiday!
Choose the Grill Package and get a borrowed grill, charcoal/briquettes and lighter fluid delivered to your campsite.

Price from €399

Great barbecue evenings at the campsite

As day turns to night, as the air gets cooler, and as family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company and food, memorable moments together are created. We want those memories to be the ones you take home from your vacation, not the frustration of trying to shove your own grill into the car, or when the coals fell out of your luggage, or when only half a piece of meat fit on the disposable grill you bought in a hurry on the way to us.

Cut the crap! Choose the optional Grill Package later in the booking process and let the positive memories take over.

The barbecue package includes:

  • A borrowed Weber* brand barbecue delivered to the accommodation
  • Charcoal or briquettes
  • Ignition fluid
    *If Weber grills run out, grills from other brands are loaned out. For more information on Weber, visit

Do you want to book the barbecue package?

When you run out of charcoal, briquettes or lighter fluid, you can buy more in the on-site shop.
Welcome to a hassle-free holiday!

Call us on +46 (0)54-53 50 68.


What do you put on the grill?

Under the ‘food’ category of the blog you will find recipes from Weber. Maybe one of these recipes will end up on your plate the next time you’re grilling for dinner? Here are three of the recipes;

Want to know more about the barbecue package? Call us at
+46 (0)54-53 50 68



A bouncy castle, minitivoli, candy stalls and midsummer is a tradition at Bomstadbaden. We hope it will be just as good in 2023!



Take the hassle out of bringing your barbecue on holiday! Choose the Grill Package and get a borrowed grill, charcoal/briquettes and lighter fluid delivered to your campsite.



When the winter chill penetrates the walls and ceilings, there’s nothing better than soaking in a jacuzzi. Our relaxation center in Karlstad is open all seasons.

What are my obligations?

During your stay at the campsite, the attached regulations apply.

Failure to comply with the regulations governing the site, or any other breach of the contract, may result in the termination of the contract with immediate effect. If the contract is terminated, the amount due is calculated on the basis of the current daily rate applied during the time you have had access to the site and a deduction for estimated damage. Any difference will be refunded.

Are you open for business?

You can buy for 24 hours if there are more than 7 days left until arrival.

Is cleaning included in the price?

The cottage/campsite must be cleaned before departure. The price does not include cleaning, but you can buy our cleaning service, it costs 590:- for Linden, Eken, Aspen, Granen & Skogsgläntan 1, 790:- for Tallen and Villavagn and Skogsgläntan 2 and 990:- for Strandstugorna (excluding garbage and dishes).

What happens if I want to change or cancel?

There are slightly different rules depending on how you have booked your accommodation. You can read more about our change and cancellation policy here.

When does my booking become binding?

The booking becomes binding when you receive a confirmation of your booking from us. It can be done in different ways, in writing, by email or through an online booking system.

This is the best campsite that we have been to, clean and nice super nice staff, very lush and nice, the campsite is wrapped in a very nice and very old pine forest.
Björn Pettersson
Nice campsite. Perfect to come to after the high season.
Håkan Lundh
Really good arrangement with cabins etc this time of year in March. Quiet during the day and evenings/nights. A bit remote so no traffic noise or such The relaxation was a big plus! Highly recommend
The environment, fresh and well-organized, wonderful treatment of the staff!!!