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Bomstadsvägen 640
653 46 Karlstad

Phone: +46 (0)54-53 50 68
E-mail: info@bomstadbaden.se

Bomstadbaden is part of Swecamp, Sweden’s biggest campsite and outdoor activity chain.
Would you like to know more about Swecamp, join us or collaborate with us? Contact our Information Officer, Emma Hermansson emma@swecamp.se +46 (0)72-217 04 04

Swecamp Bomstadbaden

Prices - Cabin

2020: dec 2021: 1/1 – 11/2, 14/2 – 1/4, 5/4 – 30/4, 26/9 – 31/12 11/2 – 14/2*, 1/4 – 5/4, 30/4 – 13/5, 16/5 – 11/6, 22/8 – 26/9 13/5 – 16/5, 11/6 – 24/6, 27/6 – 9/7, 8/8 – 22/8 24/6 – 27/6*, 9/7 – 8/8
BEACH COTTAGES (6 B) 1295:– 1695:– 2095:– 2595:–
TALLEN + SKOGSGLANTAN 2 (4-6 B) 995:– 1195:– 1595:– 1895:–
VILLAVAGN (4-6 B) 895:– 1095:– 1395:– 1795:–
SKOGSGLANTAN 1 (2-4 B) 795:– 895:– 1095:– 1395:–
GRANEN (2-4 B) 695:– 795:– 995:– 1245:–
EKEN (2 B) 545:– 645:– 745:– 945:–
ASPEN (2-4 B) 545:– 645:– 745:– 945:–
LINDEN 2 (4-6 B) 545:– 645:– 745:– 945:–
LINDEN 1 (2-4 B) 495:– 595:– 695:– 795:–
* Midsommar & Svenska rallyt min. 3 dygn


Cleaning beach 800:– Pets in cottage 150:–
Cleaning 4 bed 600:– Cancellation fee 250:-/Object
Cleaning others 400:– Bed linen 150:–

Prices - Camping

2020: dec 2021: 1/1 – 1/4, 5/4 – 30/4, 26/9 – 31/12 1/4 – 5/4, 30/4 – 13/5, 16/5 – 11/6, 22/8 – 26/9 13/5 – 16/5, 11/6 – 24/6, 27/6 – 9/7, 8/8 – 22/8 24/6 – 27/6*, 9/7 – 8/8
Camping incl el 265:– 295:– 375:– 435:–
Camping (316 - 424) incl el 285:– 315:– 405:– 465:–
Tent excl el 175:– 195:– 235:– 295:–
Month price (min 1 month) 120:-/natt 150:-/natt 255:-/natt 255:-/natt
Month price (min 1 month) 50:-/natt + el
* - Midsummar min. 3 nights


Bicycle 100:-/dag Cancellation fee 250:-/Object
BBQ delivered to camping pitch 395:– Shower Free
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Rental rules and regulations

Rental guidelines for cottages Swecamp Bomstadbaden Karlstad

The reservationis binding once the registration fee has been paid. The

registration fee is 30% of the rental amount and should be paid within 20 days

from the time of the booking. The remaining settlement should, if nothing else

has been agreed, be paid at the latest 30 days before arrival.

Service fee

For online booking, No fee will be charged. For bookings with personalized service where a invoice will be sent, a handling fee of 135 SEK per booking will be charged



Cancellation with cancellation insurance:

When booking, you can buy cancellation insurance that applies in combination with the terms below. Cancellation insurance costs 250 SEK and a fee of 250 will be added.

Cancellation insurance means you can cancel up to 1 day before the agreed date of arrival.

Cancellation Conditions without cancellation insurance

For cancellation, the following conditions (when the rules of the guarantee do not apply). Separate rules apply if you have cancellation insurance (see below). Any charge for cancellation and service fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

• If you cancel 30 days or earlier before admission, you get back 70% of the contracted amount.

• If you cancel 29-2 days prior to admission, you get back 25% of the agreed amount.

• If canceled later than 2 days before the starting date under the contract, or if you cancel the ongoing stay without valid reason, no refunds and we have the right to charge for any agreed

– Reservation made via Bomstadbaden phone or email

How do I change / cancel my reservation?

You can make a cancellation by phone or via e-mail. For cancellation, later than 30 days prior to arrival is subject to a flat rate based compensation as described below.

– Reservation made online via www.booking.com

How do I change / cancel my reservation?

If you would like to change or cancel your reservation, please visit www.booking.comsince they are responsible for the reservation.

  • Cancellation is free of charge if notified earlier than 7 days before arrival.
  • If you cancel your reservation 7 days or less before arrival you will be charged 30% of the total sum.
  • No show arrival without cancellation is charged with full cost and the credit card that was used when making the reservation will be charged with the total amount.

– Other online bookings (not www.booking.com)

How do I change / cancel my reservation?

If you would like to change or cancel your reservation, please call +46(0)771-117 117, email service@camping.se or log on to Mina sidor.



For the benefit of all our guests, the following regulations apply to those staying with us at Swecamp Bomstadbaden:


Out of respect for your fellow guests please refrain from making any noise between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. Remember that many people want to be fresh the next day. Noise disturbances resulting from loud music, arguments, causing damage etc. will lead to those responsible being ejected from Bomstadbaden without any refund being issued. The on-duty guard can always be reached via the intercom in reception.

Entrance and exit

The main entrance is closed between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am, during which time no traffic is allowed within the area.

Caravan parking

Caravans may not be parked without the owner having contacted reception (if the reception is closed, other rules may apply). Please maintain a distance of 4 metres between parked vehicles.

Speed limits

There is a speed limit of 20 kph in the area. Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Mopeds may only be ridden to or from accommodation units which have been checked into.


Bomstadbaden takes no responsibility for theft nor for injury to guests or damage to their property where such is beyond our control.
Guests may not use cabins/camping pitches for any activity other than that which has been contracted (typically recreational purposes). Guests may not allow persons other than those stated within the original booking to stay overnight either in cabins or on the campsite.
Guests must take good care of cabins/camping pitches and follow all applicable regulations and directives. Guests are personally responsible for any damage to cabins/camping pitches or related equipment caused by the careless behaviour of a member of their party.


Cabins/camping pitches must be cleaned before departure. Cabins will otherwise be cleaned at your expense and an invoice sent retrospectively. Cleaning doesn´t include dishes and garbage, which means that you throw your garbage and do you dishes after you. If this is not done, you will be charged 1000/ 1500SEK, depending on the type of cottage you have booked.
Guests in contravention of the non-smoking rules applicable to cabins will be subject to a cleaning fee of SEK 1,500.
Cleaning costs 400/600 SEK (excluding garbage and dishes)


Please address any complaints directly to us. Remember that your chances of gaining redress are reduced the longer you wait before lodging a complaint.

Contractual obligations cease to apply with immediate effect if:

  • You or anyone else in your party creates a disturbance in the campsite area.
  • You or anyone else in your party causes damage to cabins/rooms or in the campsite area.
  • Cabins/rooms/camping pitches are used for any purpose other than that intended.

If the contract ceases to apply for any of the above reasons, you and your party must immediately leave the premises, whereupon a refund of any remaining rental fee will not be issued. If staying on the campsite, you will also be liable for the cost of the entire rental period and for any refunds to guests who have been affected.


Bomstadbaden Camping AB

Web: www.bomstadbaden.se

Tel: +46(0)54-53 50 68 

Mail: info@bomstadbaden.se

For payments from abroad


Swift address: SWEDSESS

Iban nr: SE20 8000 0815 6292 4374 6444

Account number: 8156-2 924 374 644-4

Bank: Swedbank

Box 646

651 14 Karlstad



We belong to Swecamp. By booking with us allows you Swecamp and Bomstadbaden sending out newsletters to you by e-mail until you un-register yourself on these.